Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eric - safe on the ground

After 18 hours in the air it feels good to be on solid ground in Maputo. Christina met us with a big hug at the airport and our first experience with haggling in country for a ride. From there we settled in to Fatima's Backpackers Hostel. Our first 24 hours in Maputo feel like a blur as we are on a bus to Vilanculos as I am typing this at 5am local time. We are truly blessed that our travels have been uneventful so far, if a little uncomfortable. Monday night we met with the family Christina is working with a well as the worship leader of a local church who helped us to compose and translate some songs for the school we will be working with. If our internet connection allows we have some great video of us all singing and dancing. Be not afraid reader, I kept my own dancing well off camera.


  1. I am so happy and relieved you guys had a friendly face to greet you at the airport!

  2. Thinking of you Eric and your whole trip. So happy that you All get to experience this! Prayers.