Monday, June 24, 2013

Hanging around at Irma Felizarda's House. With Pictures!

These are some videos and pictures from our dear friend Irma Felizarda's house.  We spent a lot of time here talking with the family, eating and celebrating everything from birthdays to the pleasure of each other's company.  

First up is a video of our friend Raphael chopping up a coconut.  Raphael is an amazing person, he speaks 10 languages, headed up digging a well that provides up to 500 liters of water to the church and CICA school, and is finishing up the 11th grade.  

This truck is the TownAce, the little truck that could.  We went everywhere in this vehicle, packing as many people as we could into the bed. After a couple of trips we got the hang of sitting on the sides and not fearing being bounced out onto the road.

Here's Jordan and Raphael hanging out at Felizarda's house.  He may not look it, but I think Raphael can pick Jordan up over his head.

This is Telesio!  He's the worship leader of Christina's church in Maputo and helped up translate a song into Portuguese that we sang with the kids at CICA and at church on Sunday.  This is a pic from his birthday party that we had.  Raphael and Rosa's kids decorated the veranda with flowers.

Capulanas hanging out to dry.  These are very colorful wrap around skirts worn by every woman in Vilankulos.  It's a versitile garment, it works as a skirt, head wrap, baby carrier, and probably anything else you can think of.

Two families live at Irma Felizarda's house as well as a bunch of animals.  At last count there's a hen with a dozen chicks, 7 ducks, and two dogs: Ninja and Peach.  Some of our first Portuguese phrases where "Sai Ninja!" and "Não Peach!"  I don't have any good pictures of the dogs, but I know Deirdre has more than enough.  This is Nadine hold a captured baby chick after 3 days of attempting to catch one while mother hen wasn't looking.

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