Friday, June 14, 2013

Deirdre - The Great Commision

This morning we arrived at the school and the leaders went inside to pray before greeting the children. Irma Felizarda read to us in Portuguese Matthew 28:16-20 (when Jesus commands the eleven to go out and make disciples of all nations). She explained to us the calling that she and her husband had to move from Maputo to Vilanculos and minister to the people here. She said sometimes God calls you to visit different countries even if you don't know much about their culture or language and sometimes he calls you to minister to those in your own neighborhood. Over the past few days I have been touched by Irma Flizarda's spirit and passion for God. As she was speaking to us I began to tear up as I realized that God doesn't only command you to minister to those you go to, but also to those who come to you-- just as Irma Felizarda was ministering to me.

We had a wonderful time teaching and hanging out with the children today. One of my favorite moments was watching Eric and all of the children play "follow the leader". Eric was Mother Hen as nearly 30 beautiful children excitedly followed his every moment. For those of you who know Eric, you are probably already laughing at the thought of this. One of us, who will remain anonymous, said that at one point in the game they weren't sure if Eric was just being Eric or if it was something they were supposed to imitate. For those of you who don't know Eric, maybe this picture can help you imagine how funny this moment was.  Enjoy!

Love to all,


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  1. Tears of laughter and joy over here. Eric is my hero.