Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eric - Preparation Thoughts

Hi and Welcome to the Upper Room's Mozambique Team Blog!

I'm Eric, one of the team members that will be making our trip in just a few short days.  While we are there we'll visit with Christina, an Upper Room member that has been serving with a family of missionaries there.  We will visit and help out at a school, do some sight seeing and most of all immerse ourselves in the culture and community there.  It's in this time of packing and preparation that I want to share the journey leading to this journey.

Over the past 9 months I have been participating in a program/class/community called World Christian Discipleship.  WCD is something that several people in my life have participated in and I have never really perfected the elevator pitch.  Throughout WCD we formed a community and together read a lot of books, met every Thursday for dinner and discussion and we all participated in a mission trip of some sort.  Somewhere in that combination of things God came in and changed my life.  My "me" focus began to shift, I began to see Jesus between myself and all those I interact with, and I read my first Bible passage that made me cry.  I learned the value of solitude and silence in my life, and giving quiet time to God to hear His word.  It was there that I found my true self, the beloved child of God.  WCD has lead me to better know myself and God.  And God has lead me to apply the gifts He has given me to lead a trip to Mozambique.  Please follow along with us on our journey and stay tuned for updates as we go.


  1. Awesome! So happy for you!

  2. Great post, Eric. May your travels continue to teach you about the Beloved in yourself and others.